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Michael Kiwanuka Rest
How was your weekend, my lovelies? I tried to keep it quiet and safe, regardless of the obviously loud St Pat celebrations. I mostly dreamed... Read More

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Laid Back Music: Rocco Deluca & The Burden’s Lilja
My dahlings! You’ve known me for so many years! You’ve read me so many times and you played the music I liked so many weekends!... Read More

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Side Effects Music: Thievery Corporation The Forgotten People
I have to take this out of my system: ever since I watched the movie, I can’t stop thinking about it. Both the movie and... Read More

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Stand Up Guys Soundtrack: Bad Times Baby Huey
Although it’s possible you may hear about the Stand Up Guys Soundtrack’s Not Running Anymore (Bon Jovi’s Golden Globe nominated soundtrack song), I’d like you... Read More

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James Bond Theme: Adele Skyfall
The Grammy Awards are up next. Who’s your favorite this time? I’m rooting for Gotye and The Black Keys (they’re nominated for Record of the... Read More

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Tarantino’s Django John Legend Who Did That To You
How was your weekend, my dahlings? I want to start the SAG Awards coverage with this. Because it’s clearly about movies and my deep appreciation... Read More

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Emmy Rossum These Foolish Things & More
Are you familiar with Emmy Rossum? Yes, ‘Shameless’ Emmy Rossum. She also starred in Mystic River, The Day After Tomorrow and Poseidon, to name just... Read More

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Adrien Brody’s Gay Affair (Olaf And Paul Music Video)
It’s been a while since my last Adrien Brody movie. You? What say you about Adrien Brody in a very explicit romance with another man?... Read More

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