Adrien Brody’s Gay Affair (Olaf And Paul Music Video)

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It’s been a while since my last Adrien Brody movie. You? What say you about Adrien Brody in a very explicit romance with another man? For the love of music, that’s all! Adrien Brody and PacoVolume starring together in a tragic love affair written and directed by Jack Antoine Charlot for PacoVolume’s Olaf and Paul song.

Adrien Brody with a man I’m not sure what exactly is Beyonce Knowles doing in this story, but she’s mentioned in the end credits. So is Keira Knightley, George Clooney, Ben Cosgrov, Roman Polanski and Guillermo del Toro (to name just a few).

But seeing that the video itself was dedicated to Adrien Brody ‘for his massive sense of humor’ pretty much explains it all!

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