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One of my favorite movies ever: Up. I know I told you that before and I know you weren’t necessarily ready to hear it again. But I found Up to be so inspiring, it often pops up in my mind Monday morning. Bringing me inspiration for a brand new week.

I found this lovely photo session from one of the most talented couple of photographers I’ve had the pleasure of seeing online with a really irresistible theme: Up. Recreating Carl & Ellie’s home and life style was an easy task with Lisa and Geoff Bardot (The Goodness) who are just as charming as the real deal! So this is just one of those moments in fashion articles I like every once in a while. Hoping you’re enjoying this brief Up – break just as much as I am! (below: Blue Lily photos of Lisa and Geoff Bardot)

Up house photo

Up inspired photos

Up Carl and Ellie photo session

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