Daphne Guinness’ Fancy New York Apartment

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I was thinking about a St Patrick’s Day celebratory moment here. And what do you know, I found just the thing! More so, since I already started talking about nesting, houses and decorating them, why stop here? Let’s take a step further and dig deep into the fashpeople’s intimacy, see where they live (from time to time) and how they decorated the place (or their interior decorator fulfilled their dreams).

Daphne Guinness, Guinness heiress extraordinaire (yes, in case you’re missing the hint – we’re talking about the real Irish beer – Guinness!). I guess she needs no other introductions. Fashion person extraordinaire (and half of her extraordinaire-ness is rooted in her financial power), Daphne chose a flamboyant décor for her New York Apartment. Click through and you’ll see just what I mean!

Daphne Guinness NY Apartment

I’m trying to understand the purpose of an entire hallway covered in mirrors (ceiling included) – if it’s not for the fun of it, then it must be for the appearance obsession, a tendency to care about one’s mirroring pushed to extreme. But let’s not get all psychological, I’m sure it was just a flare of a fashion moment (though her moment has caught up on the bathroom also – the bathroom she keeps flooding every time she forgets about the running water pouring down, filling the tub and the neighbor’s bedroom).

Daphne Guinness New York Apartment hall of mirrors

Further away in the house you’ll notice so many furniture pieces, so many accessories and even more glitzyness and shiny things or surfaces. Have you noticed the ceilings are sparkling too? Oh well. I would easily suffocate in a house like that. And I would definitely wear shades to defer my eyes from all that bling radiation coming from everywhere! Clearly being a fashion icon is not an easy thing! Even your house has to follow your trendsetting mind. Either way, I thought it was a good house to choose for a shiny St Pat’s celebration! What say you? (there’s also an article – interview with Daphne here)

Daphne Guinness New York Apartment artwork

Daphne Guinness New York Apartment

Daphne Guinness New York Apartment bedroom

Daphne Guinness New York Apartment 1 Daphne Guinness New York Apartment 2 Daphne Guinness New York Apartment 3

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#1 Ellington on 03.18.11 at 7:00 pm

I really like her and her apartment is really rather nifty. It reflects her eclectic style! : )

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