Calories Control Freak? Use The Diet Plates!

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Aren’t you tired of looking for the calories info in the menu? Aren’t you feeling dizzy from doing the calories math? I would, especially before eating! Two young designers have thought about that and they decided to give us a hand by inventing the preproportioned dinner plates!

Rui Pereira and Haftstein Juliusson’s plates collection for HAF recall the famous wheel of nutrition declined in three types: Diet, Extra Ordinary and Supersize. You have all the information you need on the very back of the plate! It’s an easy, colorful alternative to complicated calculations of calories number and proportions! I’d love me a set, definitely, how about you? (HAF via dqd)

Wheel of nutrition plates

Wheel of nutrition plates Rui Pereira

Wheel of nutrition plates Are you Eating Right

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