Santana Black Magic Woman Gipsy Queen Oye Como Va Medley

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Instant classic. We even have a kiddies guitar playing Oye Como Va. You can’t get more classic than that. When your music is so melodic and so recognizable that you can put it on a kiddies toy, you just reached the peak of recognition. And Santana is there for years, still going strong.

For this week, I thought about something epic. Something familiar yet always charming, always strong, always close to one’s heart. The Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen/Oye Como Va medley performed live by Carlos Santana in 1992 is just so epic, there’s so much music there that your feet would want to dance on their own!

santana in concert

I won’t even bother you with facts and notes about Santana or these tunes. Enough to say they go on being amazingly popular since 1970 and, just to illustrate what I was saying earlier, ‘Oye Como Va’ makes for one of the simplest lines in music history and one of the best songs ever written and performed. The simplest things…

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