The Brain And The Body. Le Geek C’est Chic And Then Some!

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We interrupt our usually over stylish and fashionable program to bring you a very important piece of quality news: this is how the body behind the brain looks like!

Girls, if you feared your favorite geek might be too geek for you, a single look at this image suffice to let you know there’s more to (almost) anything if you just scratch the surface a bit! (I wanted to bring you this during the weekend, but sadly, I was pinned to bed by a nasty cold. I’m up and functioning now and there I go, with this irresistible picture, courtesy omsh)

Brains and muscle

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#1 ajginger on 06.06.11 at 7:22 am

Ah, a cold again girl? Take care pleazzzzz? I know, I know there is Adored Husband of course…:)

This is awesome! Loves it :D

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