How To Radically Change Your Look: Ewan McGregor

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I may have mentioned it a couple of times, but I won’t get tired of saying it over and over again: I have a serious weakness for beards. And more specifically for my Adored Husband’s beard. It just… it’s just!

Naturally, I won’t miss any opportunity to praise the free use of beards and this new look sported by Ewan McGregor is exactly the water I needed to run my beard mill! I’m guessing he’s doing it for a new role, as I don’t think he would’ve freely undergo such a dramatic transformation out of his free willed aesthetic spirit. Ewan McGregor is now a full fledged dark haired individual. And while he’s looking like Clive Oven’s long lost brother, I can’t help but notice how dramatically changed he is just because he added that facial hair do!

how to radically change your look Ewan McGregor

We’ve seen him with a beard before, but not this particular dark shade and certainly not with that soul patch compliment to the retro mustache. How do you feel about Ewan McGregor’s new look and about men facial hair in general? Yeah, how about we hit the hairy conversation? (wink)

men facial hair looks Ewan McGregor

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#1 Ellington on 05.24.13 at 2:53 pm

I am not really a fan of facial hair on men.
i have seen far too many men who do not groom their facial hair and it kind of creeps me out and they go to the extreme trying to look like a cross between the Jesus and Santa Clause.
And then there are the guys who go over the top with the facial hair grooming… and they look a tad too twee for me.
Again not a fan, but Ewan looks nice, I hope it is just for a role.

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