Lego And Muji, The Amazing Special Series

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There’s virtually no limit when it comes to Lego. Far from the original toy-status, Lego is now a legend and ready to join you in every adventure: from housing to dressing.

Nonetheless, Lego toys still are a delight and seeing this new collaboration between Lego and Muji makes my heart sing with joy! There’s also an important downside to this: the Lego and Muji toy series is only available in Japan! (the story continues right after the jump with more images, check out the gallery with the amazing Lego and Muji creations!)

Muji Lego Toys Set

Combining plastic blocks with paper is a wonderful idea, especially when it can be declined in so many shapes and figurines. The Lego – Muji kit comes with a special perforation tool that allows you to assemble the pieces so little animals and tiny characters can fold out of the box. I know this would have been a top priority on my Christmas list! (the Japanese version, at least!) how about you? (via)

Muji Lego paper block Toys

Muji Lego paper block Toys models

Muji Lego paper block Toys set Muji Lego paper block Toys set 1 Muji Lego paper block Toys set 2

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