Young, Black And Misfit: Jaden Smith MSFTSrep Fashion

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Talking about the young&the masked: Jaden Smith pushes his MSFTS adventure further with a fashion show. You gotta love driven people: they know they’re on to something from their early tween years and they keep on pushing it. Now lil’ Jaden Smith has his own Republic: the Misfits Republic. No, this is no joke whatsoever, MSFTSrep stands for Misfits Republic.

Talking about Jaden Smith after discussing about Justin Bieber is only natural as the two of them are friends and share the same passion for music&dancing. But also for unflattering, unfitting clothing specific for the tweens and teens (misfit) years. Here’s Jaden with his beautiful sister, Willow, showing their MSFTSrep wardrobe.

Jaden Willow Smith MSFTSrep clothing

I have to say, though, that even if it should be something of a statement wardrobe, it looks oddly similar to something I’d wear in the comfort of my bedroom. Loungewear at best. But I trust young Jaden here, he must’ve inherited his parents talent genes – too bad about the constant passion for wearing a balaclava. In case it catches up, the young&troublesome could very well wear masks like these to keep their identities under wraps and proceed to seriously misfit social acts. Think no further than Boston, a week ago…

Jaden Smith MSFTS collection

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