Crystal Renn Wrote A Book (Hungry), Posed for Hunger Magazine

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I was actually waiting for the Met Gala to see Crystal Renn next. Apparently I was spare of the unbearable suspense and got an early ‘meeting’ with Crystal, a month before the day I was mentally prepared to write about.

Hence here I am, slightly unprepared and surprised by the same old Crystal Renn and her projects. Normally, I would’ve embraced this girl as she’s travelled long and far to make her modeling dream come true. But Crystal has something that puts me off. Seriously. Each and every time. A kind of mad, unclassifiable, unsettling, unending hunger, eating everything and anything in its way. Am I really the only one feeling this way?

Here she is, in yet another crazy, artsy pictorial shot by Rankin in the name of fashion, cuddling and frolicking on the beach with some life size inflatable animals. For Hunger’s issue 4. One of those off-beat, off-mainstream magazines out there.

Crystal Renn beach Hunger Magazine pictorial

Crystal is even talking about her upcoming projects in a modest interview with the nice, hipster Hunger people, and so I just found out that Crystal Renn wrote a book. Named it ‘Hungry’. duh! Well, as long as it serves as inspiration for other young girls who may be tempted to walk the same path to eating disorder as Crystal, it’s all good. She has some serious stories to tell and, hopefully, her drive will be inspirational enough.

Crystal Renn beach Hunger pictorial by Rankin

But seriously? She still gives me the creeps and this pictorial isn’t helping either (wink). Any ideas as to how to tame this Crystal vision to my eyes?

Crystal Renn beach Hunger pictorial

Crystal Renn inflatable animals beach Rankin photos

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