Mrs Carter Runs The World: Beyonce Does Vogue UK May 2013

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With her new world tour kicking off in April, Beyonce is unstoppable and her reign over the world knows no boundaries. Here she goes, in a snapshot of what will be Vogue UK May 2013 issue cover.

She’s not looking like the reigning Queen like she was for her Vogue US feature, she’s a fresh act, with a cropped top in lovely shades of blue. I wonder – because I highly doubt this cover wasn’t intentionally preceding her international world tour – did Beyonce got to pick her cover colors herself? All blue, Blue Ivy… You got to admit, it’s really a strong coincidence (I’m curious to see the actual pictorial, this cover snapshot isn’t all too revealing).

But I do love Bey and I’m partial to liking this cover as well, regardless of it not featuring a model (their last two model covers weren’t among my favorites). And yeah, I’m OK with Mrs Carter running the world! (what? would you rather have had Gaga doing it?)

Beyonce Vogue UK May 2013 cover preview

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