Cara Delevingne Covers Her First Vogue UK March 2013

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So it finally happened! I guess this rules out this month’s Vogue for Agyness’ sweet comeback, huh? Cara Delevingne, the new hot model in town snatched Vogue UK March 2013 all to herself. Which is a big thing to say, given that her pictorial only counts 7 pages.

Of this issue’s 420 total! However, she has been photographed by Mario Testino, so I shouldn’t take things too lightly! After all, she was named Model of Year by the British fashion authorities and she has that sweet twisted kitten face people in fashion appreciate so much! (reminds me of Posh)

Cara Delevingne Vogue UK March 2013 cover

But 7 pages? That’s like saying either that she has too much to do and she can only concede an hour or so of her time for Vogue or that she hasn’t earned more pages yet. Studio shots, over a strong yellow – red backdrop it’s Vogue’s way of saying that Cara is on fire!

Cara Delevingne Vogue UK Testino pictorial

But nobody seems to care so much as the passionate FashionSpot people only dignified the thread with 2 pages of small talk. If that’s any indication, the good fashion crowd from Vogue UK should ask themselves what’s going on. (this is a preview of Cara’s pictorial – when bigger, better images surface, I’ll update accordingly)

Cara Delevingne Vogue UK March 2013 pictorial preview

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#1 Appollonia on 02.07.13 at 8:57 am

Too much fuzz about this girl. The people at the Fashion Spot got that right! Yes, she looks nice as so do many girls I spot on a daily basis.
Ah well, these socialites needs a a hobby, sorry, a living too right?

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