Beyonce’s Inauguration Performance Nails: NCLA Nail Lacquer

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Less than 48 hours after the Second Inauguration have passed and still new and never – before heard details emerge from the festivities. To my great surprise (and disappointment), I found out yesterday that Beyonce lip synched her ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ performance – apparently – because someone took that decision at the last minute due to Bey’s newly contracted cold.

And that’s that. But what about Beyonce’s Inauguration nails? Have you seen a brighter shade of tangerine before? I really loved Beyonce’s nails and, hoping they caught your attention as well, here we have the details, thanks to InStyle’s digging into the Inauguration nails matter!

Beyonce Inauguration Lipsynch performance Nail Polish

Beyonce’s Inauguration Performance Nails were painted in coral crème ‘I’m With The Band’ NCLA Nail Lacquer, a special formula ‘100% free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and never tested on animals. Ever.’ I like the sound of that just as much as I like the color! And since you can buy 15ml of the hot stuff with $16, I even like the price!

Beyonce Inauguration fake performance real tangerine nails

Beyonce s nail polish NCLA Coral Creme shade

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