Natalie Portman’s Miss Dior Cherie Video Commercial By Sofia Coppola

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You know that much awaited commercial for Miss Dior Cherie with Natalie Portman, directed by the brilliant Sofia Coppola? It’s out for everyone to watch. So let’s do it!

I wonder how Natalie feels right now, in the light of recent Dior events. Would she renew her Miss Dior contract if asked? Would she ever agree to represent any other product for any other label again? Otherwise, the commercial is pretty and very Sofia Coppola, a bit surprising, even, given the strong music for the overall ethereal atmosphere. I for one, like it very much. (even though I prefer the balloons commercial – I think it’s way more playful and joyful – how about you?)


#1 ajgingerbelle on 03.07.11 at 9:31 am

Geez, that was fast!! I had to check it twice and thought it look nice. This scent smells terrible on me. I bought it because I’d spray some on me in my perfumery but more on my scarf I believe which smelled so good and then on me….well, my best GF is still very happy with the unexpected present. :)
Natalie’s worries? I believe it’s all vegan and it’s for Dior. The House of Dior whom has to feed lots of other employees right?

#2 Ellington on 03.08.11 at 10:59 am

The ad is is lovely but I do not like the music used.
I have not smelled the scent as yet, I will have to go and give a try.

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