Kate Moss Nail Polish With Rimmel London Looks Great!

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We started this week with an enjoyable little nails talk – why not keep doing it? Kate Moss, my dahlings, has her own nail polish collection. Which sounds a bit strange to me since I didn’t really imagine Kate Moss as a nail polish kind of girl. And still…

With the launch of the collection at London’s Café Royal, she was interviewed and revealed herself to be a great fan of nail polish and really good at painting her and other people’s nails. Actually, La Moss is enjoying ‘lining up all the girls’ for extended manicure sessions! (you can hear that and much more right from La Moss’ sweet lips right after the jump!)

Kate Moss nail polish Rimmel collection

Rimmel London enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Kate Moss, being one of the brands that kept strong behind her in spite of her scandalous ways (back in the days when McQueen wore the legendary ‘We Love You Kate’ tee, Rimmel also kept the collaboration with Kate Moss. And they keep receiving back lotta Moss love.

Kate Moss launched her nail polish collection with Rimmel

Nail polish is so big right now! And it’s not going anywhere now that Kate Moss has her own nail polish collection! After all, it’s Kate Moss who brought us skinny jeans, UGG boots, Hunter boots for summer music festivals, Mukks, Mulberry (and the list could go on endlessly). So… OPI who? (actually – any of you already tried the Rimmel nail polish? Care to review? In comparison with the ‘professional’ brands, what is Rimmel like?)

Kate Moss Rimmel London Salon Pro nail polish

Kate Moss Rimmel London Salon Pro with Lycra comes in a variety of 49 shades of which 9 have Kate Moss’ name on (colors like ‘Soul Sessions’, ‘Punk Rock’, ‘Rhythm & Blues’, and so many more). Each bottle retails for apx $4.5 and they’ll be available starting April 10th.

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