Bruno Mars Loves His Models: Ajak Deng In Flaunt, Joan Smalls In Vogue

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Perhaps you thought that Victoria’s Secret chose Bruno Mars to perform at their show by mistake. Or just because he was the hottest act available at the given time. No. Bruno Mars really loves his models!

After his stint in Vogue with Joan Smalls in her native Puerto Rico, Bruno Mars returns for yet another fashion pictorial, this time in Flaunt Magazine. He’s clearly loving his ladies tall as this time he’s been photographed with the lovely Ajak Deng in yet another potentially controversial pictorial.

Fashion magazines tend to love this kind of challenging pictorials, don’t they?

Bruno Mars Ajak Deng Flaunt

Except this time, Flaunt doesn’t emphasize on Bruno Mars’ stature. They kept him mostly in a sitting position and only engaged Ajak in the provocative stances. There’s a particular image I opted out from this story, where Bruno and Ajak make believe like she holding a gun in his mouth. Unnecessary glamorizing of a violence epidemic that keeps affecting us all.

Bruno Mars Flaunts with Ajak Deng

There’s something I like, thought, in Bruno Mars pictorials with models – he’s not favoring white models. That’s good. Diversity is good! I always try to look on the bright side of life.

Bruno Mars Joan Smalls Vogue 2011 pictorial

Joan Smalls Bruno Mars Vogue

Joan Smalls having fun with Bruno Mars in Vogue

Bruno Mars covers Flaunt Magazine

Bruno Mars Joan Smalls Vogue pictorial

Bruno Mars Flaunt Magazine

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#1 Ellington on 02.04.13 at 5:46 pm

I could to be honest do without Bruno Mars. He looks like he requires more maintenance than Ajek and Joan ( LOVE THEM BOTH!!) : )

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