Gisele Bundchen In New Chanel Beauty Ad Campaign (First Images)

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Last I heard about Gisele Bundchen, she had given birth to her second child (Vivian Leigh Brady) with husband Tom Brady and they were ready to move the family in the castle – sized mansion they finally finished just a couple of weeks ago.

But a maternity leave means nothing in Gisele’s world – which is probably also because she’s world’s highest earning model for a few consecutive years, so here’s her latest fashion deed: Chanel beauty ad campaign. Pretty impressive, huh? I just never saw Gisele as a Chanel girl. But, times change, habits change. Even faces change. I’m looking forward to Cara Delevigne to become Chanel’s next muse!

Gisele Bundchen Chanel Beauty ad campaign

Gisele, however, is not fronting one of Chanel’s heavy makeup campaigns – she’s representing the powerful coverups from Chanel! Now, we all know that Gisele has this flawless complexion and that the woman was blessed with amazing genes, but this is a clear sign that Gisele is getting older by fashion industry standards.

Chanel beauty campaign Gisele Bundchen

She’s advocating for Chanel’s foundations and blemish correctors. Now, if you ask me, although the campaign was surely paid big time, it’s no fashion good news for Gisele. (there’s no word about who shot the campaign or whether it will involve more than just print material, only these first images leaked through the internet, hopefully we’ll know more soon enough!)

first images Gisele Bundchen Chanel campaign


#1 Kawissa on 02.03.13 at 12:19 pm

Is CARA Delevigne not Clara…
Also, the ad was shot by Mario Testino.

#2 Appollonia on 02.03.13 at 12:20 pm

I needed more blemish correctors in my teen years than in my thirties!!

Ugh, that Brady Castle Mansion is so distasteful… can’t buy style. But that’s not news……

#3 kpriss on 02.03.13 at 1:46 pm

thank you, Kawissa! :) looks like a Testino alright!

Appollonia – no, but it can buy a lot of pretty things instead ;)

Truth being told: I like Gisele. I feel like there’s no half measure with her, she looks like a strong woman. It’s an interesting feature in models.

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