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All-Time Best Super Bowl Commercial: Fashionista Daddy
This is a fantastic commercial that costs $300 to make. And it was just shown during the Super Bowl commercial break! When CBS is charging... Read More

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Beyonce Super Bowl: Rubin Singer Black Leather Stage Outfit, Gold Chevron Nails
So here we are, wrapped up the Super Bowl, on our route to the Oscars! But before that, let’s discuss Beyonce and her glorious Super... Read More

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Zoe Saldana, Stevie Wonder Do Bud Lucky Chair Super Bowl Commercial
Now that was unexpected… Well, actually not so much, with a Star Trek trailer happening, it was only natural to see Zoe Saldana in a... Read More

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To Bey Or Not To Bey In Vogue US March 2013?
Since it’s still labeled with ‘rumors’, I can’t say for sure that this image, although highly sophisticated even for Bey’s standards, is certainly from next... Read More

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Super Bowl Ads: Adriana Lima’s Kia Optima Video
So this was it! Adriana Lima back at the Super Bowl with a brand new ad campaign. For cars! Kia Optima Ad Campaign video which... Read More

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Madonna’s Egyptian Givenchy Wardrobe For Super Bowl Performance
There’s hardly anything to top the magnificence that was Madonna’s Super Bowl Half Time performance this year! If Cleopatra lived today, I’m sure she’d wear... Read More

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Super Bowl Ads: Adrien Brody, Gael Garcia Bernal, Andre 3000 For Gillette Video
We already talked about this great campaign so this is no surprise. However, it’s not just a photo to sustain the new Gillette Styler wonder... Read More

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Styling Rooney Mara
Everyone is eager to see Rooney Mara’s outfit for the Oscars so until that day, we’ll settle for some Super Bowl (imaginary) Red Carpet. Especially... Read More

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