Rihanna’s Seven Complex Covers

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We already knew that Rihanna was special. But so special as to be given seven magazine covers simultaneously? This could actually be more interesting than Beyonce’s GQ.

Except… we’re actually used to seeing Rihanna in all kinds of provocative instances. On a weekly basis, RiRi produces and tweets a series of suggestive images of herself on the less side of dressed. Which makes this series of Complex special edition seven covers issue less surprising than it could’ve been.

Rihanna seven Complex covers

But Rihanna’s new album (Unapologetic, actually her 7th album) needed promotion, so here we are. Talking about her seven sins…ahem covers. Photographed by Zoe McConnell, each of the seven covers seems to be inspired by one of Rihanna’s songs.

Rihanna Complex covers

But of course, beyond the music and the stage fun, even beyond her tweets and selfies (or maybe exactly because of those), the question on everyone’s mind remains centered on her on and off relationship with Chris Brown. And you may have seen it, just as I did, all over the media: pictures and instagram / twitter postings from Unapologetic Rihanna showing either parts of Brown’s body (i.e. one of his arms around her or face down in bed next to her and so forth) or suggestive togetherness.

Rihanna Complex Unapologetic

So are they or aren’t they? Together? It’s ‘Nobody’s Business’ said Rihanna. No, it’s everyone’s concern, not business, RiRi. When you’re choosing this kind of living, you should also be aware of the huge responsibility that comes with it. And ‘I’m the type that don’t give a f#ck’ doesn’t send the right message to your young audience out there… (you can read her Complex interview here)

Rihanna Complex selfies


#1 ana on 01.16.13 at 1:42 pm

I wonder how it feels when you can´t be associate with any virtue, only sins ???
I am tired with the “it is nobody´s business ” discourse. So, dont share EVERY second of your life in Twitter!!

#2 Appollonia on 01.17.13 at 12:25 pm

Seven covers? Yaaaawn……

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