Milla Jovovich Shooting Vogue Paris Pictorial

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There’s much to talk about in this month’s Vogue editions! If Vogue Paris is feeling left out with all that Vogue US talk lately, here’s something to make up for that: Milla Jovovich pictorial from Vogue Paris February 2013.

I wanted to add these images – upon their surfacing – to the original cover story. Except something changed my mind about that. The very pictorial. Clearly not what I expected. And as good as that may sound, the reality is much worse! Milla Jovovich is actually shooting her way through the entire pictorial. And that, in the light of recent events, just seems wrong. (more images after the jump)

Milla Jovovich Vogue Paris February 2013

Just the other day I was reading about a new shooting in New Mexico, a month after the Sandy Hook tragedy! And I’m not just naively thinking that this didn’t happen before, but that’s not to stop me from wanting all this to be over. All the violence!

Milla Jovovich Vogue Paris shooting pictorial

And then, turning my eyes to fashion, what do I see? Tasteless catwalks like Philipp Plein’s? Dubious pictorials mixing couture and natural disasters? And now – Milla Jovovich pretending to hold two guns while posing for a Vogue Paris fashion pictorial? Reaaaally smart! And respectful.

Milla Jovovich Vogue Paris February 2013 shooting pictorial

I get it, though. From the outside, it must look like this. From the other side of the Ocean, people must look at what’s happening in the US and think that it’s a mad, mad, violent world. The mayor of one of US’ big cities declared one day (in December last year) that they went through an entire 24 – hours period without a single shooting. Or major crime happening! 24 hours straight! With nobody taking another human being’s life! Wow, that’s really outstanding! Respect, kindness – they don’t mean a thing in our world anymore.

Milla Jovovich Ralph Lauren Vogue Paris

What is Vogue Paris trying to do with this pictorial? Slap the US reality in the face? Because, as we all remember, Milla Jovovich is pretty much the ‘American dream came true’ (born in Ukraine and moved to the US, raised to be a movie star, Milla eventually became one. After making a name for herself in the modeling business) and essentially bound to action movie characters. Bringing her life and her career together for fashion purposes isn’t new or wrong. But in the perspective of the continuously rising violence in the US, especially gun – tied, Emmanuelle Alt’s pictorial – as aesthetically flawless as it may be, still is a moral fail in my perspective.

Milla Jovovich Vogue Paris black and white pictorial

Milla Jovovich aiming to shoot Vogue Paris

Milla Jovovich Vogue Paris Dolce Gabbana

Milla Jovovich Vogue Paris pictorial Prada Milla Jovovich Vogue Paris pictorial Louis Vuitton Milla Jovovich Vogue Paris pictorial Lanvin


#1 Ellington on 01.21.13 at 12:48 am

Well Kpriss. I do believe that this was photographed way before Sandy Hook.
And Milla is known as an action heroine. To me this looks like Charlie’s Angel’s posing. I am not saying that it is great but I am not offended by this.
There is a lot of gun violence in the US of A. Sadly this past weekend a teenager in New Mexico killed 2 adults and 3 children with family weapons in his own home.
The gun problem in the US of A is a lot bigger than a fashion shoot. (No pun intended). And fashion has never been about being moral or ethical. It is sadly the least of their motivators. :(

#2 ana on 01.21.13 at 7:16 am

I totally agree with you Ellington. The photos were made in November ( the last, perhaps before ) and the magazine was printed before the tragic events in Sandy Hook.
I simpatize your feeling Kpriss but what they should do? Recolet all magazines ?

#3 ana on 01.21.13 at 8:24 am

reading my comment i see it sounds a bit rude. I am sorry for that.

#4 Appollonia on 01.21.13 at 11:04 am

I also agree with Ellington. Although I am not a fan of Milla. I’m a bit tired of this act. I don’t get the Charlie Angel’s feeling at all with this photo shoot. They were ‘the good girls’ this is an angry woman. But that’s just my opinion.

Sandy Hook was not exactly the first accident right? And the US gun law is inhumane but half of the US population wants to keep that ‘right’ to ‘defend’ themselves. The many shootings with illegal guns here in Europe these days are as shocking as well. Or in Asia and everywhere……Russia? Or the isle of Utoya, Norway…..
I don’t even wonder what would happen if people here had easier access to guns like in the US……..

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