Dare To Wear Color Changing Nail Polish?

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What was I saying about nails earlier? That I won’t bother you with nails talk this time? Well, disregard that, please and let’s talk nails!

I was looking for some glittery nail polish for my usually French manicured nails. I did mentioned glitter in my pink Inspiration Board, remember? I find that, for some reason, glitter makes me happy. And happy is good. We need more happy! In my search for the perfect glittery nail lacquer, I came across something new, interesting and pretty useful: color changing nail polish. Are you familiar with the concept?

Color changing nail polish Ruby Wing

It’s not an entirely new concept to my ears, though. As a faithful French girl, I use a particular UV protective top coat that changes color when exposed to natural sunlight. Well, this color changing nail polish I came across today has pretty much the same virtues: the very same nail lacquer changes color in the daylight / sunlight.

Some swatches produce pretty dazzling effects, some are not as dramatic, but I do admit I’m really attracted to this kind of versatile product. Two brands make this kind of nail polish: Del Sol and Ruby Wing. Del Sol offers more color choices than Ruby Wing, but then again, Ruby Wing promises non toxic components in a more stable color changing formula.

Color changing nail polish Del Sol

Another changing nail polish comes from ‘in the mood’ and their formula is based on temperature. 9 swatches ready to double at 91 Fahrenheit (the body’s normal temperature is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit while the nails generally have a lower temperature). When you’re washing your hands, for instance, or in the colder seasons, your nails visibly change color. I love this! Whether under the sun or in the cold, color changing nail polish seems like a great idea. I only remains to be seen which brand delivers its promise better and which doesn’t live up to the hype. Have you tried any of them yet? Care to share? (just a reminder, we talked about DelSol, RubyWing and InTheMood polishes)

Color changing nail polish In The Mood

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