41yo Jared Leto’s New Hugo Boss Hugo Red Campaign

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So how about that, huh? Jared Leto is most definitely part of the same league as Keanu Reeves and Denzel Washington. And I’m not saying that just because he’s a talented actor. Which he is. Too bad the movie industry lost him for the music stage as he seems more involved with his band than Hollywood at the moment.

But we’re still enjoying Jared Leto as the face of Hugo Boss in 2013. Here’s his latest commercial for Hugo Boss’ latest perfume, Hugo Red. The video per se (you can watch it after the jump), doesn’t make much fashion sense (especially when they say that ‘Red means Go’) except if you look at it from the Avengers perspective.

Jared Leto new Hugo Red perfume campaign

I bet there was also an extended version where Nick Fury and Tony Stark are laying out a new super plan for the team where Jared Leto’s Immortal Fragrance powers are put to good use for the greater fashion purpose. Yeah!

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