Del Toro, Keitel Do Prada Men Spring 2013 Campaign

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Miuccia Prada seems to have had great results with her Fall Winter 2012 Men Ad Campaign as she’s following the celeb course for Prada’s Spring Summer 2013 Men Ad Campaign. True, she refreshed her cast, but the idea remains the same: fame sells. Actors sell. And that’s not just Anna Wintour who’s saying it, or a Hollywood – oriented American stylist / editor. It’s a true Italian, and a mighty artsy one as well.

But did you know that underneath her fashion proven curriculum, Miuccia also has PhD in Political Science? Her austere but brilliant marketing maneuvers may just be the next big thing as consistent style and gifted substance may shine through these hard economical times with no other polish needed! (the story continues right after the jump, click here for the gallery!)

Benicio del Toro Prada Spring 2013 ad campaign

Remember we talked about Prada’s men cast last season, now, looking at her new ads, I get a Savages – déjà vu as both Benicio Del Toro and Aaron Taylor – Johnson were part of the Savages cast. Harvey Keitel, for me, will always be Mr White just as Dane DeHaan is bound to Lawless. You may disagree (or not) with Prada’s new marketing policy, but you have to admit she has her cinematical references all right: Oliver Stone, Tarantino and John Hillcoat (or Spielberg, if we also count that young Mr. DeHaan also starred in Lincoln).

Harvey Keitel Prada Spring 2013 ad campaign

I personally have no troubles assimilating fashion with movies. I might even go as far as say that I’m enjoying it more than fashion’s over artsy tryouts. And Miuccia always had an extra sense for fashion & society.

Benicio del Toro Prada 2013 ad campaign Benicio del Toro Prada Spring Summer 2013 ad campaign Keitel Prada 2013 ad campaign

Aaron Taylor Johnson Prada Spring 2013 ad campaign Dane DeHaan Prada Spring 2013 ad campaign

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#1 Appollonia on 12.20.12 at 4:52 am

Harvey Keitel, the man who tried to save the legendary Romy Schneider in Le Mort et Direct and of course Thelma and Louise…ja, ja…right, Mr. White and The Bad Lieutenant!! Mean Streets…and so many more.

The man is a living legend!!

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