Prada’s Men Fall 2012 Catwalk Adrien Brody, Gary Oldman, Tim Roth, Willem Dafoe

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While I only saw dresses for an entire day and a half, I’ve missed out on something really big yesterday! Prada’s Fall Winter 2012 2013 Men Collection Fashion Show.

Truth is, I’m so alienated by men’s latest fashions, I rather stay away from it. For style integrity reasons. Prada’s fashion show, however, was different. You had to stick till the end to catch the good part, get over the frowns and the severe faces parading up and down in a very German cadence on a strange, strange mix and get to the best part: ending the show were some very interesting faces, to say the least! Adrien Brody, the great Gary Oldman, the amazing Tim Roth and the majestic Willem Dafoe put their model suits on and took the crowd to a level of frenzy never attained before (in this show, at least). Too bad about the chewing gum, though! Now, do feel free to watch the show after the jump and taste the excitement! (oh, I almost forgot about Emile Hirsh and Jamie Bell who were also in the show)

Tim Roth Gary Oldman Prada Fashion Show fw 12

Adrien Brody Willem Dafoe Prada Men Fall 2012

Emile Hirsh Jamie Bell Prada Men Fall 2012

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