Matthew Williamson Is 15. Anniversary Fashion Film With Sienna Miller

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You know I can easily fall out of love whenever I come across a too – fancy for words fashion film! Being too pretentious when it comes to fashion takes the fun spirit out of it and just close it under key in a small, hermetical box labeled ‘for fashion people only’.

And that just unfair. We should be able to taste and appreciate the fashion flavors of any fashion creation. Including fashion films! Why make them for wide distribution if they’re only meant for the fashion elite? Matthew Williamson XV, the short film marking the brand’s 15th anniversary is delicate and dreamy. Not too pretentious. Not too sophisticated. Feminine, inviting and mysterious. Oh, and funny! And we love our fashion films on the funny side, don’t we? Happy Anniversary Matthew Williamson!

(I guess this a wonderful way to get Sienna Miller back in the fashion game!)

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