Fashion Film Festival. A Shaded View On

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Here I am, always complaining about video ad campaigns and the way they seal the fashion fate with an indelible style signature! And somewhere in Paris, an entire Film Festival around and about Fashion Film has just wrapped up his fourth edition!

With Diane Pernet at the helmet (you did notice the “Shaded View” title, did you not?), the Shaded View On Fashion Film festival was surely an interesting gathering of pretentious fashion intellectuals! Count Daphne Guinness and Ellen von Unwerth among the guests, YSL, Balenciaga Ari Seth Cohen as participants and and arte among the sponsors. Long story short: if you want to find out more about the troubled world of Fashion Filmography, this is your e-destination! Oh, and do hit the jump to see a trailer of the very fashionable festival?

A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival


#1 Fred Sweet on 10.11.11 at 9:51 pm

For those of you who can’t make it to Paris there is the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival in California.

#2 Riana on 10.14.11 at 4:50 am

Have you heard of the Hermès film Les Mains d’Hermès (Hearts and Crafts)? It should be screened only one time at the EYE (new name for the Dutch Film Museum) in Amsterdam tomorrow October 15th. But due to overwhelming demands they scheduled extra screenings of the documentary 17th October a second screening at 8.30 pm
and Thursday 20th October, 5.15 pm; Saturday 22nd October, 3.45 pm. I tried to phone yet but the line seemed occupied! And that news is only a half hour old….!

I saw a few bits and pieces on tv last night. Amazing craft work of course. And as Hermés is exclusive it won’t appear on dvd!!

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