Latest Controversial Ad Campaign: Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Video

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Have you seen the latest ad campaign used by Marc Jacobs to trigger people into talking about him? His brand? Because hate it all you want, you still talk about this campaign. Don’t you?

It’s basically about sunglasses. Only, you see, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses aren’t your ordinary aviators… Despite the name / resemblance. Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses can dupe you into seeing something that isn’t really there / happening. Because, you see, Marc Jacobs wants us to consider his products beyond their infinite simple definition and purpose. He wants us to stretch way further. Than Fashion. Than Economy. Think about playfulness, dumbness, ignorance and well… indecency. Can you? While also buying his sunglasses? (this ad reminds me so much about Diesel’s ‘stupid’ ad philosophy!)

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