What To Wear To A Summer Wedding?

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My dahlings? Remember I told you we were invited to a Christening last weekend? And that I got these ideas going through my head ever since? It’s about what to wear to said events. Because, honestly? That’s a lot of headache sometimes! A LOT! I had about two or three outfits ready and the weather just went against me and I had to choose a fourth one. Which wasn’t even planned. Thankfully it was in my closet…

Now, what you’re seeing below is a very loyal replica of what I wore at a wedding last month. (I told you about that one as well) A pink – ish dress with flowers on and golden sandals. High heels for the ceremony and flats for the dance ring. I think it’s perfectly feminine, comfy and you will, in no circumstance, shadow the bride! And that’s really something you need to consider when you’re planning your outfit for someone’s wedding. (if you want to know more about the items in this outfit set, don’t forget, it’s all on StyleFrizz’ Polyvore, here!)

party outfit


#1 Riana on 10.18.12 at 7:07 am

Nice choice to combine pieces indeed :)

Polyvore? I feel lost on the internet of late….Is this Polyvore something virtual like the paper dolls and their clothes we had to cut and could dress up? Which I loved so much as little girl. Guess the old girl would love it too….:)

#2 kpriss on 10.18.12 at 7:11 am

thank you! :) I thought it was wonderful to dance in, we really had fun at that wedding. Wouldn’t have been the same if I had a short dress ;)

It’s actually more like a huge virtual closet. You just search the items you have in mind, filter, put them together in sets like these.. Remember the old’ ‘outfit of the day’ articles? We used to do the same here, without Polyvore. Polyvore just makes it easier for me to shortcut the search / internet. It’s fun, as long as it’s inspiring :)

#3 Riana on 10.18.12 at 7:26 am

I remember how much fun you had at that wedding. I love the dress because it’s wearable on just a hot night out as well. The shoes are great and that cute bag is perfect for an occasion as a wedding :)

Hmm, it’s sounds like Polyvore is like the good old innocent fun I have had as child. I must give it a try.
Yes, I remember the ‘outfit of the day articles. :)

#4 Ellington on 10.18.12 at 8:38 pm

Nice outfit Kpriss! : )

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