Kate Upton’s Seductive Vogue Italia November 2012 Cover

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In case you missed it, Kate Upton is the ultimate pin – up, model and whatnot for every fashion magazine out there. Thing is, you see, that beyond Kate’s natural beauty, she happened to drop at the exact right time when everyone keeps ripping apart the size 0 fashion controversy by taking steps into the normal size direction. (this time in Vogue Italia November 2012, as photographed by Steven Meisel)

All that sounds great, except Kate isn’t exactly your average normal – sized girl. She comes with special curves in all the right places (doesn’t she look like Anna Nicole Smith’s long lost twin?). So I really have to wonder what’s worse: keeping the size 0 everyone is already used to seeing or pushing in a ‘normal figure’ only with exceptional physical features?

Why do women have to feel frustrated every single time they pick up a fashion magazine? I’m sure if they wanted their silhouette expectations to meet the Playboy levels of excellence, women would’ve done something to make that work by now… Instead, the number of breast DD enhancement surgeries keeps going down. And a “Seductive” cover title across a loud Playboy – ish cover certainly won’t help. Boy, do I miss Lara’s controversial Vogue Paris spreads?! At least they were trying to keep her fashion allegiance straight.

Kate Upton Seductive Vogue Italia November 2012 cover


#1 ana on 10.30.12 at 10:29 am

I don´t buy magazines to see “normal” women. I want to see something special, something appealing.
This girl has a pretty face, yes, but very vulgar. They can wrap her in gold leaves and she still will be vulgar.
She is good for Playboy and that kind of publications. and I dont say that with a denigrating meaning.
Also, I am tired on the bashing of skinny models. Every profession has its own demands.
Summo fighters need to be overweight, power lifters need to be strong/ muscular,tennis players need to be slender and so and so…
Models need to be skinny to show the clothes better.
I give you 3 seasons and this Kate Uptown will be tin as an asparagus. Remember Sophie Dahl?

#2 Riana on 10.30.12 at 11:57 am

ana, I partly agree. But models were once slim and they did smile and had their own walk on the catwalks. Their personal style which I found charming. These days they are thinner, not slim, and grumpy looking and march like an army.
There’s a difference between slim and skinny right? Also the VS models are too thin these days.

Vogue Italia goes ‘la dolce vita’ except this girl miss the style of the original. I agree with ana on that point.

#3 ana on 10.30.12 at 12:46 pm

Riana, I know what you mean, but the “no smile” and the “army march” are just a trend. It changes from time to time.
Right now , at fashion circles, what is considered the best way to show clothes is : canceling the personality . You may disagree with the trend, which is fine too;-) Art ( lets pretend fashion is art for a moment ) is there to generate questions and all kind of reactions from us, including criticism, otherwise it becomes boring.
Models are just “hangers”.
Some people say it is deshumanizing but models are not there to show themselves.
I think it is like going to the Louvre or to the Met and paying attention on the frames and not on the paintings…
I personally only like smiles at underwear shows or at children fashion.

#4 Riana on 10.30.12 at 1:36 pm

ana, of course I am very aware of the trends culture. I wish I was not.

Well, there are “smiles” and “smiles”. I am not talking about silly laughing girls of course!! See the fashion shows of the ’90’s. The last decade a model smiled and fashion was it it’s height.

I do not consider fashion art as a whole. Sometimes it is but most the time it are just clothes. Clothes that makes us prettier, keeps us warm or relax etc.

Hmm, I own a painting I love. Some years ago I let a craftsman made a new frame to make the painting more glorious. Sometimes frames can be annoying. I have enough of this skinny-minny-marching-trend. It’s a personal vision.

Further I think a designer has failed terribly when a design looks better on a “hanger” than on a real person. Which happens a lot alas.

#5 ana on 10.30.12 at 3:51 pm

You are right.Fashion is not art. Design is utilitarian in a way that art is not. Design is the how of a thing: how to order the parts, how to serve the client’s interests, how to convey the information. Fashion is design.
They (fashion people ) are pushing the limits and now boutiques are “curated” , oh puh-leeeze, how pretentious.

I still dont understand why one part of the media is so “worried”( they are not, they are just monetizing on a non issue ) about half a dozen skinny girls ,who decided by themselves to be skinny by the way, when millions of women in Africa and Asia suffer opression and malnutrition.
I admit that as an aesthetic it (skinny) may not appeals to everybody but it wouldnt be cause of vilification.

#6 Riana on 10.30.12 at 5:21 pm


Funny how often we have debate that end up in agreement.

I agree for the most part. I only wish that the girls that make the choice to be skinny hangers were adults. Certainly have reached the age of 18. That’s my limit. A lot of them are not. I see that as a problem. The media is hypocrite about so many things. I better not start….;)

Lots of people do not understand fashion. To them it’s all superficial which it’s not. It’s a good craft and it’s something that makes life more pleasant. To me that is.
The most simple example is that while these criticasters are wearing something trendy, fashionable they’re not even aware how they are influenced by fashion! And I am blamed being superficial. So be it. I find that usually very funny :)

Lastly I have to confess that I like it or feel lucky I am slender so for me it’s not a problem at all since it’s easier to dress up. Fact!! (I hate it though when I am too skinny at times.)

And I never watch or care for the frames in museums, galleries. But this one was so in my face on a daily basis. I had to chose another one. ;) :)

#7 ana on 10.31.12 at 12:23 am

What the problem with no adult people deciding to be skinny / slender ?
Child obesity is dangerous, very dangerous.
Or are we still under the false impression that fashion is promoting anorexia?? Because it is not. Every specialist on the subject will tell you that the impact of the media on triggering it is minimal.
Recently I had been in London watching a panel of specialists on the subject and again they reiterate it.
If you want I can post the links.
I am not naturally svelty. I make an effort to keep in good shape. I exercise and control my diet. It is natural for me to do it. Have been doing it since forever . And I am proud (yes, proud ) that I am responsible in avoiding some preventable diseases to myself.

#8 Riana on 10.31.12 at 9:08 am

Hmm….coincidentally some days or a week ago I refused to share a pic for body acceptation posted by my eldest FB friend. It was a photo of a girl near obese. The lovely 83 year old lady asked us to share this pic. I did not share the pic because I did not agree. The elderly lady is big but acceptable and she’s still healthy at 83! And very awake. Her daughter, granddaughter and most worse of all her 11/12 year grand-granddaughter are bigger than her so obese. I was in shock the first time I saw a photo of the girl. She posted it proudly on my wall. I lied to her the proud grand-grandmother that the girl was lovely. In the background I’d spot a mega big woman too… I still feel rotten about me lying to her but I know it’s useless to tell her it’s wrong….and why….since they believe that’s the way God made them. I think it’s because what they eat of course…..

Is this clear how I feel about obesity?
I am not under the impression that the fashion world encourage anorexia. Not at all! I do know anorexia comes from other problems. I have had a GF whom fought anorexia and luckily conquered her problems.
I know how unhealthy and dangerous obesity is for people’s health. So I do not need any link.

I stick to my point though that I don’t like the fashion trend the way models look the last decade. I love some personality, someone interesting to look at.

#9 kpriss on 10.31.12 at 9:37 am

I was on the verge of concluding that this ‘size 0’ controversy is just as fabricated as the size 0 itself. But I thought it was just in my head.

Luckily you gave me hope. Made me see that it’s not just in my mind that these media – games around young girls and physical appearance are just shooting blanks.

#10 Riana on 10.31.12 at 4:00 pm

I feel so guilty and mean at the moment…she’s such a sweet lady and I adore her….argh…:((

#11 cc on 10.31.12 at 5:22 pm

I don’t find Kate ‘vulgar’ but Steven Meisel’s / Vogue’s vision of what beauty & seduction is in 2012’s media – it is so sad. I feel that is a worst influence then the skinny/size 0 debate.
But I do like the big hair!

#12 ana on 11.01.12 at 7:16 am

@cc : It is a very valid point.
A top photographer working for a top magazine … I think they could had given us something more than that.

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