Daria Werbowy, Stephanie Seymour, Lauren Hutton: Vogue Paris November 2012

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Well, now! That’s an odd, although extremely glamorous and fashion – interesting cover! I’ll explain myself: odd because although there’s a very powerful trifecta of models on Vogue Paris’ November 2012 newsstand cover, each of them hold true to her unique and different pose, thus making it pretty incoherent as a full. (Daria’s serious, Stephanie’s trying her best seductress face while Lauren is just… laughing her eyes out, all for Inez and Vinoodh’s lenses)

Extremely glamorous? Yes. Stretching way beyond their intentionally casual white shirt & outdated washed jeans outfits, the tree models are really legendary in the fashion industry. Just having them on the same cover is stunning enough.

Fashion – interesting? Definitely! This is not a model – cover! It’s a tree – models cover! And they’re representing for an ageless issue. Which is perfectly suitable. They all look amazing and charming in their own way (oh, and having Lauren laughing ear – to – ear is significant enough, given that she’s the voice of the silver age). This really triggers my curiosity for more. Yours?

Daria Werbowy Stephanie Seymour Lauren Hutton Vogue Paris November 2012 cover


#1 Riana on 10.18.12 at 7:19 am

Lol! These jeans are a bit of distraction. So does the laughing Lauren but in a good way. Daria’s hair is back to normal. She and Lauren look a bit like mother and daughter :)

#2 Ellington on 10.18.12 at 8:37 pm

It is so nice to see a fashion magazine cover with models on it, even old school models!
I just adore Lauren Hutton! She is the only one for me who can work and look good with a gap in their teeth! : )

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