Awkward Jennifer Lawrence Pictures From Vogue UK

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Remember we talked about Jennifer Lawrence doing Vogue UK November 2012? I was crossing my fingers and hoping for an interesting pictorial. Photographed by Alasdair McLellan and styled by Francesca Burns with makeup by Hannah Murray.

Vintage – y and intentionally cozy, the pictorial is too rough and amateur – looking for my taste. I’m sure there’s a perfectly artsy explanation for it and that a certain tendency in photography is brilliantly illustrated in these pages of the November 2012 issue of Vogue UK. But can you believe that someone actually did Jennifer Lawrence’s hair for this pictorial? Yep! Hairstylist extraordinaire Anthony Turner is responsible for this un – coiffed coiffed hair! Lovely. Not.

Jennifer Lawrence Vogue UK

Jennifer Lawrence Vogue UK pictorial Jennifer Lawrence Vogue UK November 2012 cover by Alasdair McLellan Jennifer Lawrence Vogue UK November 2012 hairdo


#1 Riana on 10.08.12 at 8:38 am

They should have used Instagram to pimp it up. ;)

#2 kpriss on 10.08.12 at 8:49 pm

definitely! yes! (maybe that’s it then: an anti – fancy overused filters wave from professional photographers versus the amateurs over – filtering photographs in the every day life?)

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