Iron Man 3 Changes Suit!

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Somewhat. It would appear, my dahlings, that Iron Man 3 is in the works! And since we just talked about movies costumes, about superheroes, Iron Man blends in perfectly!

Iron Man 3 seems to have changed its costume, reportedly turning into Iron Patriot! (think a mix between Captain America and Iron Man; however, as I’m not a comic book specialist and I know some of you are – wink – I’d love to know more about this change! Please?) {CinemaBlend}

Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3

Don’t you just love the buzz going round and round the media before the launch of a new movie? It can be a spoiler but administered with moderation, it can also stimulate the mind to imagine the upcoming movie’s scenario.

Iron Man 3 plot hints

The same happens with Iron Man’s suit: in the 3rd installment of Marvel’s Iron Man saga, Tony Stark has the chance to prove the incomparable superiority of his suit. No, wait: of his suits! And by that – believe me – I don’t mean a suit and a double. Or the Patriot above.

Nah! It goes way beyond that!

After all, the man stars opposing Gwyneth Paltrow, or Pepper Potts, Iron Man’s fiancée. Nasty mission. He has to live up to her. To her magnificence and perfection. Btw: have you noticed how, since Gwinnie is so hard working her body, her body gets a part in each and every movie Gwyneth’s in? Same goes for Iron Man where not only she’s showing off her abnormally perfect sculpted abs but her body is also gaining super-powers… It figures.

Iron Man armor Iron Man 3

Back to the suit: can’t reveal that much without being a spoiler, but I will add just this – on the FB page dedicated to this movie, a particular challenge has been initiated. Unlocking Iron Man’s Armor. The many Iron Man Armors. It kinda feels like Iron Man deals with his Multiple Personality Disorder in this 3rd episode, huh?

Iron Man suits armory


#1 Justin Bieber on 06.02.12 at 1:47 am

Iron Patriot is not Iron man. It’s just a suit that was stolen from Stark by Hammer industries and used against the Avengers.

#2 kpriss on 06.04.12 at 5:19 am

so the Patriot is a fake, then? Them Supers, they never learn, huh?

#3 quiuvo on 07.11.12 at 1:19 pm

me encanta esa armadura yhea¡¡¡¡

#4 Iman on 07.16.12 at 3:38 pm

The Iron Patriot was the alias Normal Osborn took when he was in control of H.A.M.M.E.R., the peacekeeping taskforce that replaced S.H.I.E.L.D. during the Dark Reign storyline. Osborn took one of Stark’s suits and adapted it to suit his own needs. The suit was taken from him during the Siege of Asgard by Iron Man after which he was imprisoned in the super prison the Raft.

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