Lana Del Rey’s Vogue Australia’s October 2012 Inspired By Sylvia Plath

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Talking about Lana Del Rey earlier, triggered something from my memory: a Vogue cover, to be more specific! Lana Del Rey’s Vogue Australia October 2012 cover and associated inside pictorial look lovely (that in case you were wondering why she was wearing an Australian designer dress).

But if you’ll take a look at the images after the jump, know that the entire photo story is inspired by the sad (although very talented) life of Sylvia Plath. Master of poetry but not a master of enjoying her own life. Whether that can create a parallel with Lana Del Rey’s life / career, it’s too early to say, but as Lana confessed it herself for Vogue Australia: she likes sad songs, fast cars and carbs – not a very long – life promising combination! Also, she wears diamonds with everything.

Lana Del Rey covers Vogue Australia October 2012

Lana Del Rey Vogue Australia October 2012 cover

Lana Del Rey Vogue Australia October 2012

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