Kate Moss And George Michael Do Vogue Paris October 2012

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Kate Moss is so spoiled! Not only did she complain about not being in the supers video, when George Michael released Freedom 90 and she got to be in one of his music videos all by herself (remember, we talked about how strange it all was) but now she’s doing a Vogue cover alongside George Michael.

Vogue Paris October 2012 with Kate and George on the cover, as photographed by Mario Testino is the perfect example of bad cover gone worse. If we were already used to seeing Kate’s face over – photoshopped and ultra smoothened, now her retouching is nothing compared to what they did on George Michael’s face.

I hope the inside pictorial makes up for this disappointing, tabloid – like cover (thank you, VP for sharing this image!)

Kate Moss George Michael Vogue Paris October 2012 cover

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#1 ana on 09.19.12 at 1:31 pm

“bad cover gone worse” , oh gurl, Im going to love you for that .

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