5 Summer Fashion Staples From Rick Owens Spring 2013

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There’s something new in every designer’s perspective of the Spring Summer 2013 season. When I clicked on Rick Owenscollection name, I was really expecting something dark and Gothic. You know, something Rick Owens would do!

I entered an ethereally sacred experience instead, with soft layers and metallic shades of pale like drew out of a ‘shrooms pie dream! Let’s see what we need for next summer from Rick Owens’ catwalk:
{1} Soft Layers: because, in spite of everything, we’re all having a secret love affair with onions. (don’t stop here, there’s more after the jump!)

soft layers for summer 2013 Rick Owens

{2} Metallic: because we all want to shine.

metallic fabric Rick Owens spring 2013

{3} Maxi Balloon Silhouette: because we all want others to think we have something to hide…

maxi dress summer 2013 Rick Owens

{4} Knots: because hot irons and hot summer days don’t mix.

knot trend summer 2013 Rick Owens

{5} Chained sandals: because it’s the only way to keep you from taking those high heels off!

Chained sandals Rick Owens Spring 2013

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