5 Fashion Trends To Pick Up From Mugler Spring Summer 2013

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I actually loved Gareth Pugh’s Spring Summer 2013 collection! The theatrical feeling and the timeless quality melted my heart, especially from Pugh’s revolutionary fashion eye.

So I’d like you to pull out your trends book and note:
{1} Leather Geisha – because we’re so theatrical all the time. (I have no idea what other name is more suitable for the lovely looks used by Gareth Pugh for an important part of his collection. Leather skinnies and high collar, really structured dresses. Lovely. Definitely wanting!) Hit the jump to see the rest!

Gareth Pugh Spring Summer 2013 geisha

Another important detail from Gareth Pugh’s Spring Summer 2013 collection I’d like you to notice is:
{2} Soft gray used in the ample high collar maxi dresses: because we all want to feel like queens! Also, it’s a beautiful shade of gray I always loved wearing with an important timeless look and feel to it.

soft gray Gareth Pugh Spring Summer 2013

{3} Dechiré web –like hemlines: because there’s a bit of Halloween magic in every day! I’ve seen similar before in Spring Summer 2013 fashion shows, so you might as well call them a trend.

Spring Summer 2013 trends Gareth Pugh

{4} Leather arm warmers – because your arms need to feel warm but look outstanding, you need to remember these for any season, not just spring.

leather arm warmers Gareth Pugh Spring Summer 2013

{5} Leather fringes – because we all love long fringes hanging from our sleeves. Or any other place.

leather fringes Gareth Pugh Spring Summer 2013

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