Why Rachel Zoe Ditched Brad Goreski

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With his new flamboyant preppy look, mr Brad Goreski was obviously in danger to outshine Rachel Zoe from her very own Rachel Zoe project. Thus, recently the news of his parting ways with the notorious stylist came as a surprise for some, as predictable for others.

His style and fashvocabulary were noted by the NY Times which makes it quite a recognition note for the stylish Mr Goreski whose style was thoroughly copied by the fashmob. Would that be the reason Rachel got him out of her spotlight? Just to exemplify, below you can find some bits and pieces with Brad Goreski – using his own words – werking the lewk and mayjor-ing his personal fashion. More, more, more, how do you like it? (via, photos via 1, 2)

Brad Goreski timeless style

Brad Goreski bow tie

Brad Goreski with Rachel Zoe

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#1 mdinah on 10.02.10 at 12:59 pm

when 2 divas collide…..

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