All The Shoes I Need For Fall! From Jeffrey Campbell

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Over the years, my admiration for Jeffrey Campbell shoes grew stronger. But not as strong as my regret that I can’t easily wear all those beautiful, daring shoes! (I’m a modest 5 ft 9.29 in, you see)

However, for the impending arrival of fall, I made three wishes from Jeffrey Campbell’s fall 2012 shoes collection. And I’d like them all to come true in the very intimacy of my wardrobe! Take a look and tell me what you think: first I’d love a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Margo Red Gold spiked flats! Because I always wanted a pair of red ballerinas and the spikes just make them so… grown – up! (hit the jump to see the rest! you can click the images for larger view)

the new must wear flat shoes for fall

Going up, I’d love the Jeffrey Campbell Edea Black Pony Copper Spiked wedge sneakers! Because I promised myself I’d get a pair of wedge sneakers and everybody wears Isabel Marrant’s Willow (or copycats of the legendary Willow) and these spiked ones here look like some dark twisted spirit hacked into the body of Isabel Marant’s wedge sneakers and just… had fun!

new must wear wedge sneakers this fall

And finally, because a pair of black boots is like a little black dress in your closet, you just have to have the little black boots: Jeffrey Campbell NSFW Black with Pins. Because, well, you know, I’m a rocker from my tips down to my pinned ankles! So? How do you like my fall threesome (wink)?

must have boots for fall

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