The Beach Belongs To You! Mothers Can Be Bombshells Too!

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When the news about Adriana Lima’s second pregnancy got out, I was going through some stories about Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima (and one, in particular, with Adriana Lima, who you’ll see in the video below under the slogan “The Beach Belongs To Bombshells“. Hence the title of this very article). Both Victoria’s Secret Angels had given birth to a child a couple of years back.

However, I’m certain that the girls had serious contractual responsibility towards Victoria’s Secret, so they had to get back fast and honor them. And so they did! But once the pregnancy – birth rollercoaster was put in motion, another responsibility ensued, even more important than the VS one: being a role model for mothers all over the world. Which could be something they haven’t anticipated avant bébé. (the story continues right after the jump)

The common (mis)belief is that women who become mothers (as in go through a pregnancy or more) can no longer go back to what / who they used to be. Physically, that’s a major lie women are being forcefully fed with during their pre – baby life. At such a degree that baby making can induce major panic. (we’ll get back to that later). There’s a truthful dimension to the “never go back” slogan – mentally, no woman can go back to what she was after she went through a pregnancy and after delivering her baby. Holding that wee one in your arms, I’m tellin’ya, it’s an epiphany of mythical proportions! It’s definitely a life changing moment, a turning point in our heads (and bodies). Reading about it (and telling stories about it) will never level the actual feeling.

Adriana Lima with or without baby bump

Growing a baby (inside and outside of you) grows you. Literally. What women don’t see before having their babies, is that, for a good period of time in their life, not only they won’t consider their body as a priority, but that their entire list of priorities is going upside down. Almost everything crumbles and rebuilds itself in a new, better architecture. And that goes also for the physical and the mental aspect of every woman out there. (if there’s any man reading these lines, I apologize for not rendering their side of the story. God made me a woman, you see. Maybe in my next life I’ll be a man and then I’ll enjoy the parenting perspective through a man’s eyes! Until then… hang on or move on, either way you’ll have it, I’m still going to spill my story! Hopefully you’ll hang on? Thanks)

Alessandra Ambrosio with or without baby bump

I started this by talking about Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. Not because I take them as the ultimate role models to illustrate my point, but because I was casually reading about them and their plans and this huge sisterhood of baby bumps kicked in and took over. See, these women are models. That’s what they do for a living! If you were a lawyer, a dentist, a social worker, you name it, you’d do pretty much the same thing they do – only you’d get to keep your clothes on! Doing their job, that’s what they’re doing. And that’s what you (many of you reading these lines) are doing too. From dawn till dusk, even beyond, you’re working your eyes out.

Lily Aldridge with or without baby bump

But in the end, is it worth it? Of course it is, said the house mortgage. Of course it is, said the car out front! Of course it is, whispered the clothes in your wardrobe! Great! You have wonderful clothes, amazing shoes, a beautiful house and a great car. You have so many options, so many going for you right now and still you don’t get a good nigh sleep. Most of the nights. “I work too hard” you say to yourself. “I don’t go out as much as I ought to” and so forth. You try to change things. Twist your schedule, find some hobbies, get a new man. And still, after a while, your nights become restless again.

Molly Sims with or without baby bump

You know when you’ll really have a great night sleep? (Heck! Any sleep will be a great sleep during that special time! And you won’t know what an amazing nap is until you’ll feel that the toilet seat could be your perfect pillow!) When you’ll have your baby! Supposing Jennifer Lopez isn’t reading these lines and so she won’t have to raise her eyebrows looking at the impressive number of helping staff in her service, dealing with the babies and their needs! No, I’m talking about normal people! I love me some normal moms! Some normal women who just entered the motherhood swirl and fondly embrace their maddening condition!

So, let’s pretend you had your baby, right? Like any new human being you’re beginning to have a relationship with, you’ll start by getting to know each other. You’ll have your frets and animosities, you’ll have your moments of despair but also countless reasons to enjoy each other and feel like you’ve just touched Heaven whenever you touch the other one’s hand. Now imagine you’d have to get up, leave that amazing mini – you and go work a sweat! How’s the sound of that? baby – gym. Gym – baby? Suddenly it’s not all that important to get your pre – baby body back, huh? You’ll have plenty of time for that when that cutie pie grows up and you won’t feel your knees melting each time he / she looks at you. And viceversa!

Gisele Bundchen abs vs Baby bump

So you see, at that very moment you’ll feel deep respect and heartwarming empathy for models who just had their babies and they have to go out and work their eyes out to look just like before! Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, just a handful of beautiful young women you’ve seen looking aaahmazing in their underwear, catwalking their heavenly bodies on Victoria’s Secret runway and who had to get toned abs before enjoying simple things like breastfeeding their babies or measuring each square feet of their home, night after night, while holding their crying baby in their arms.

Sasha Pivovarova with or without baby bump

And you know the irony of it all? That although it’s the baby who brought all that “baby fat” upon your heavenly body, it is the same baby who’ll also take it away! Breastfeeding? It burns fat faster than ten ice cubes would melt in your morning protein shake! Holding your baby in your arms to comfort whenever his or her tummy aches? Tones your arms like a thousand biceps and triceps stretches could! Walking night after night with your baby in your arms is unbelievably toning for your legs. Putting your baby in your crib, taking your baby from your crib definitely makes your upper body work!

Heidi Klum with or without baby bump

And until you can regain your avant baby wardrobe, you can always trick your way back into great clothes! Loose fitting shapes are de rigueur right now, every designer joined the oversize trend for two seasons already. So wearing a bubbly skirt won’t look just as camouflage as it actually is for you! It’ll look trendy! Slouchy looking boyfriend jeans are still in, season after season, fashionistas keep their BFjeans close and wear them faithfully!

boyfriend jeans casual trendy look

Loose maxi dresses are a mother’s best friend! During the pregnancy and after giving birth, they’re perfectly comfortable and amazingly concealing! You’re certainly not a VS model to put on an abs show on the beach! You’re very concerned about the effects of the sun on your skin, so you either stay away from the beach, or keep covered while under the sun – so nobody’ll get to actually see your baby fat – it’s that simple! You’re picking up healthier habits like drinking lots of tea or plain (non mineral) water, eat regularly, healthier food, dress comfortably and enjoy every aspect of your life to never before known heights of enthusiasm and engagement! And yes, maybe you won’t be as you were before having your baby, but you know what? You’ll be better! Healthier, more motivated, happier, fulfilled and, yes, so much more beautiful!

caftans loose dress for summer

(this would’ve never been possible without the help, support and appreciation of my amazing Adored Husband whom I love to pieces from here to eternity and then some, without our wonderful, continually challenging four kids contributing to our daily routine and then some. Or without you! My unspeakably supporting readers and virtual friends! You know what they say: good mothers have sticky floors, messy kitchens, dirty ovens, laundry piles and happy kids! Amen to that!) (the photos were handpicked from here, there and everywhere, assembled with utmost care and dedication by yours truly)

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