Lara Stone’s Calvin Klein’s Fall 2012 Ad Campaign Is So Classy. Not

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Lara Stone continues to be a Calvin Klein exclusive, representing for the label in the Fall Winter 2012 2013 ad campaign. Predictable. I would’ve said the same any other day. But today, something’s changed. My attention, usually seduced only by smiling faces and joyful sightings has caught the revolutionary bug.

And I don’t, for the life of me, understand the kind of visuals promoted in Calvin Klein’s Fall 2012 ad campaign. Who are they selling this concept to? Wealthy middle – aged (or more) men looking for easy adventures? The kind of love a credit card can buy?

Lara Stone Calvin Klein Fall 2012 ad campaign

Oh, silly me! I think I got it: I think the actual message of this campaign is “look: our clothes are so well made that you can trash them any way you want and they’d still look good!”. Yeah, on trashy people in trashy situations. Maybe.

Lara Stone Calvin Klein Fall Winter 2012 2013 ad campaign Lara Stone Calvin Klein Jeans Fall Winter 2012 2013 ad campaign

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