First Look At Blake Lively’s Gucci Premiere Film By Mert And Marcus

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We saw the picture, it’s about time we enjoyed a preview of Blake Lively’s Gucci short film for the Gucci Premiere ad campaign! I wasn’t expecting Blake to go shooting or speeding on a virtual highway like Rachel Evan Wood (who, as we all know, is a rebel through and through, getting her nose pierced and bravely facing the pain with just kitten moans is proof enough! At least for me.)

Naturally, Blake, who was designated to be the next big Hollywood star when Anna Wintour put her on Vogue’s cover, is a star in Gucci Premiere’s campaign too. She’s looking like a diva and she behaves like a Diva! Now I’m really curious what plot they invented for the soul purpose of promoting a new perfume! (I kept looking and expecting Green Lantern…ahem Ryan Reynolds to pop up somewhere and sweep her off her feet with his lantern…ahem smile!)

(oh, and Mert and Marcus are responsible for the print visuals, Nicolas Winding Refn is the short film’s director while the music is reportedly M83 Midnight City (you can hear it right after the jump, to put an audio to the 25 seconds of video preview).


#1 jj on 07.26.12 at 3:44 pm

Mert + Marcus did the photo shoot for the Gucci Premiere campaign, but director Nicolas Winding Refn directed the short film that is supposed to premiere at the Venice Film Festival on Sept. 1. I’m not sure who is responsible for the TV spot.

#2 kpriss on 07.26.12 at 3:49 pm

jj, thank you! (how could I forget that, I even wrote about it when I discussed about the print campaign! pff! forehead slap)

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