Biker Ready Sneakers: Moto Leather Converse

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The day Chuck Taylor patented his Converse All Stars and they were used on the basketball court, it’s hard to believe he saw as far as Converse sneakers for motor bike rides. Or maybe he did, after all, the Rebel without a Cause, James Dean himself used to wear Converse sneakers!

Converse Chuck Taylor Moto Leather Collection! How cool are these leather Converse with zippered closures and animal print linings? They’re simple, yet the metal accents add a certain something that speaks to my heart. Telling me they belong in my closet! (Shoes talk to me, and when they do, they always tell me their rightful place is in my closet!) (available here)

Converse Moto leather Chuck Taylor

Converse leather moto Chuck Taylor hi

Converse brown leather Moto Converse black Moto leather sneakers

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