Not Your Average Fashion House Logo

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It’s been a while since we’ve had our last good fashion laugh, huh? Here’s what I found for us (consider it a Hump Day delight, if you wish): fashion brands logos with a twist. Some are good, some are brilliant, but they’re all perfectly in trend! After all, it’s not us who wanted YSL changed into SLP (Saint Laurent Paris)! Let’s join Hedi Slimane and blow some wind of change in that YSL rebranding cake, shall we?

Alexander McDuchess? How cool is that? And Mary Kantpronounce (I honestly had troubles in spelling her name a couple of times – Mary Katrantzou is not for trained fashionistas only!); as for Choupette – it goes without saying, it’s my favorite! (not to mention that Hermes was recently exposed as burning their imperfect bags). Which one do you like? Hit the jump for more!

YSL Chanel logos rebranded

givenchy hermes jil sander logos rebranded

fashion logos rebranded


#1 ana on 06.27.12 at 11:31 am

oh Lord.. I am torn between McDuquess and Choupette ( and I don´t even like cats…)

#2 Riana on 06.28.12 at 5:43 pm

Katrantzou? Piece of cake! With an accent of course.

Choupette is the cutest but Jil Sander Again is hilarious. SLP sounds so silly in my Dutch ears. We pronounce the P almost the same…..Touche Éclat SLP? Meh……

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