Minimalist Style: Micro Cabin In The Woods

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Every now and then, I get to spoil myself by writing a piece about an Art – Deco subject: today it’s one of those days! I found this amazing micro cabin I just had to share: it’s really one of those curious designs but all – too – practical and inspiring.

Nido” is a 96 square feet cabin built by Robin Falck with $10,500 plus man hours (and this calculation comes from Robin Falck himself). The space within is unbelievable – 50 square feet bedroom & living room (in which you’ll find a bed, clothing storage, table, couch and armchairs bonus an acoustic system too!) Not to mention the deck recreational space with is just as mind spinning as everything else! My dahlings, this is it! Simple living at its finest! (check out the gallery here!)

small cabin design Nido

small cabin design Nido living room

inside the small cabin in the woods

cabin in the woods Nido front view

cabin in the woods Nido rear view entry


#1 Ellington on 05.17.12 at 12:50 pm

I totally love this!
I would love to have a get away place like this! : )

#2 ana on 05.17.12 at 1:23 pm

me too… in love with it.

#3 szofi on 05.18.12 at 4:16 am

it looks cool, really, but what about the bathroom?

#4 Riana on 05.18.12 at 6:08 am

Exactly! I love this too and need this desperately. But where’s a tiny bathroom and a very small kitchen to prefer some food or a cup of tea? I can wash myself, brush my teeth and at the sink. No problem. No tv, not other media I’m fine with the audio and take some books with me.

Oh, a chamber pot will be fine. I bury it in the morning. In the night in the dark I’m not going outside. No way. Skip the bathroom. But that tiny, tiny kitchen with a sink I would love :)

I’m a practical person and did this all before not in such a great place and no cellphones either. Awesome!!!

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