Your Bedroom, The Safest Room Of The House!

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This is not a joke! (depends on how you look at it) Your bedroom (or any other room, by all means) can become the safest of them all with a simple trick of interior decoration!

You can put a life-size silhouette of Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen character (from Twilight, New Moon and so on) with “Be Safe” written next to the watching silhouette and all your safety problems will be solved with a vinyl decal! And that for just $60! (Etsy via Jezebel)

Twilight Be Safe Bedroom silhouette

Twilight Robert Pattinson Vinyl decal black white silhouette Twilight Robert Pattinson Vinyl decal silhouette


#1 Ellington on 08.22.09 at 9:08 am

Ye Gads! NO!

#2 Daydreamer on 08.23.09 at 9:18 am

Yacc,, no way I put that thing on my wall. That would be nightmare.

#3 cc on 01.07.10 at 12:09 am

It’s 50% cute 50% sad in a ‘you sad bastard’ kind of way.
And for anyone non-Twilight-savvy who comes to visit, it would make the film seem more intriguing than it is.

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