Kristen Stewart Promotes Snow White With Transgender Pictorial

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You know, back in the old days, Snow White had an entirely different meaning in my head! I imagined ball gowns, a girl who was as pretty as she was an amazingly good, innocent and naïve. Times have changed (duh!) and Snow White is now re – interpreted for a new generation.

A generation who wouldn’t understand the meaning and purpose of singing to convince squirrels to dust a house or biting into an apple, chocking, sleeping for a hundred years. At least not as long as leather, latex or some supernatural powers aren’t involved! (just kidding, I didn’t actually see the new Snow White, I’m just speculating after seeing this picture from June’s Elle magazine issue)

Kristen Stewart, my dahlings, is the key to Snow White and the Huntsman promotion. As such, she’s gracing the cover and the pages of Elle June 2012. Like you’ve never seen her before! Would you like to see more of he – Kristen?

Kristen Stewart in man Elle magazine June 2012

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