Cannes Red Carpet: Diane Kruger Shines In Vivienne Westwood Golden Dress

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It’s virtually and practically impossible to catch Diane Kruger on a Red Carpet faux pas. I remember reading that she actually styles herself? I wish that was true! Because that would really make her one fierce fashionista!

One of the dresses she was wearing at Cannes this weekend, was a particularly eye stealing gown signed by the great Dame of Fashion, Vivienne Westwood! But did you know that the dress is part of a more extended collection (duh!), a Red Carpet Capsule Collection inspired by Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee? You can actually own the silver version of the Sol sequined crepe gown if you have $4,520 laying around. Either way, Diane really wore it good (see more images of her in the gallery, here)

Diane Kruger at Cannes in Vivienne Westwood golden dress

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#1 szofi on 05.21.12 at 1:35 pm

true perfection, and also she is not just her own stylist but does her hair and make up red carpet ready, i know it sounds unbeliveble, but i read it from different sources

#2 Riana on 05.22.12 at 10:06 am

She looks gorgeous, statuesque! So she really does style herself I a can imagine that but her hair too? Which is normal for mere mortals like us….and hard! I love her even more if this true. And don’t forget she is a real good actress not just a pretty picture at red carpets. Just watch the films with subtitles ;)

#3 Riana on 05.22.12 at 10:07 am

*styling is not that difficult; I meant to get my hair perfect*

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