Burberry Won Lawsuit Against Counterfeiters

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Burberry finale 2012Although winning one battle won’t win them the entire war, Burberry made a step against counterfeiters by winning a lawsuit against a Chinese network who was using the Burberry name to sell fake luxury goods.

The Manhattan Federal court ruling the $100 million award in favor of the renowned British label had an easy case on its hands as the defendants reportedly failed to show up or answer in any form. It’s rainin’ lawsuits! {Vogue}

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#1 Riana on 05.19.12 at 10:02 am

I admit I love some of their clothes, shoes etc. a lot. But hey, Burberry needed to go to China because it’s cheaper there to produce their expensive stuff to a broader audience in days of the golden bubble.

I shall never forget what they did they to a village named Treorchy in Wales and left unemployment and desperation with moving their production to China. Despite many celebrities like Tom Jones, Emma Thompson and many others raised their voices and even a concert was organised for help. Burberry wanted to go chav and didn’t care one bit about exclusivity and style and above all people. As well the ones they left unemployed as their new Chinese slaves.

I do not congratulate them, neither do I care they won. All I know is that people like them killed the economy with ‘their cheap production policy’. I quit here. I think my point is clear. Luxury has lost it’s lustre for quite some time now……and the heat is on.

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