Anna Dello Russo H & M Accessories Collection

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When did this happen? So today I was peacefully reading the news when I was really disturbed by two events. Anna Dello Russo launching a collection with H & M was one of them. I know she makes fashion fun (although it seems like she’s making fun of fashion) and people look up to her style and personality. But from here to doing a collection with H & M still sounds like a marketing trick to me.

Anna Dello Russo jewelry, shoes, bags, everything you can call accessory, you’ll find in the H & M Anna dello Russo collection, this October. And I thought Versace was the supreme manifestation of excess on H & M’s racks. I was so wrong! You’ve never known excess until you’ve opened Anna dello Russo’s book of style! The Guardian of Fashion, like she calls herself! (check out the video after the jump!)

Anna Dello Russo Accessories Collection with H and M

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